Gorton Visual Arts: ‘OV GORTON’

The volunteer-led organisation, Gorton Visual Arts present a retrospective exhibition featuring work from several visual arts projects that have taken place over 15 years.

This exhibition brings together textiles, paintings and prints to celebrate the rich history of Gorton and its surrounding areas. The projects developed explore this rich social history, drawing inspiration from the Whit Walks, the Munitions Workers, Peterloo, Bradford Pit, the 53-bus route, the pubs of Hyde Road and the once many picture houses.

These projects provide opportunities for engagement in local sheltered housing schemes, community centre’s, libraries, tower blocks, local organisations, local Secondary and Primary schools. Gorton Visual Arts have a significant impact on the community, promoting intergenerational collaboration between young people and groups who are experiencing isolation and vulnerability.

The workshops are an opportunity to explore Gorton’s history, share personal experiences and stories, develop new skills and learn from one another. The projects are guided by the values of social inclusion and cohesion, demonstrating the power of art as a tool to connect with the community, reflect and learn from one another and different generations about Gorton’s shared history.

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of local Historian Frank Rhodes know to us as “Mr Gorton”, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Frank shared his wealth of knowledge about the local history which provided the inspiration for many of the projects undertaken by Gorton Visual Art.

The projects exhibited have been developed and delivered by Artists Ian McKay and Andrew McKay. 

About Gorton Visual Arts

Gorton Visual Arts has been creating artwork in and around Gorton and Manchester since 2006. We meet once a week at Collier House, Wellington Street, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8TX. The group is made up of 18 local residents, Lead Artist Ian McKay, and Support Artist Andrew McKay

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