Future Perfect

This exhibition focuses on modern architecture ideas about future living and the response of artists to a society that appears to have either lost its faith in the future or has accepted pragmatic consensus as its architectural future. This clash of culture raises important questions. Can architecture help to structure and enhance our lives? What happens to the future when it becomes our past? This exhibition concentrates on the utopian and visionary from Paris to Portmeirion and from South America to Southern India and mixes in contemporary artists such as Liam Gillick and David Thorpe whose work here takes a sideways fictionalised look at utopian projects. Buckminster Fuller and Archigram are crucial influences here and both are represented in the show whilst the work of Absalon and Gastaldon and Wicker use modernist building blocks in a personalised subversive way. An exhibition involving plans, models, sculpture, photography, sound, film as well as the hand made and unique blurs the lines that delineate art and architecture, vision and reality and past and future.

ARCHITECTS: Archigram, Auroville, Buckminster Fuller, Bruce Goff, John Lautner, Jean-Paul Jungmann, Cèsar Manrique, Antonio Sant’Elia, Matti Suuronen, Clough Williams-Ellis, and many more