Future 20: Last Place On Earth

“The best grammar for thinking about the world is that of change, not of permanence. Not of being, but of becoming.” – Carlo Rovelli ‘The Order of Time’


Last Place On Earth is created by HOME’s Future 20 Collective in collaboration with Studio Morison. 

The Future 20 Collective is a group of artists aged 18-25 who undertook HOME’s 12 month training initiative in 2019-2020. The collective is made up of filmmakers, poets, spoken word artists, photographers, visual artists, musicians, theatre performers & producers and a glass artist.

Working with artist Ivan Morison, Future 20 have created a virtual reality (VR) environment that invites you to imagine the last place on earth. A utopian place, not to feel alone in but where you can consider reconnecting with mother nature and planting seeds for change.

Experience Last Place On Earth

Click below to experience Last Place On Earth.  If watching on a desktop computer, we recommend you watch in full screen, and wear headphones to get the best experience, although this is not a prerequisite. You can also use the YouTube app on your phone or a VR headset to get even more of an immersive experience.

Last Place On Earth is a 360 degree film which means you can look around using the trackpad or cursors on your computer, by moving your phone, or by looking around through the headset.

Listen to the soundtrack

You can listen to the Last Place On Earth album, here:

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Artists: Future 20 Collective & Ivan Morison of Studio Morison

Producer, Facilitator and Mentor: Debbie Chan

Producers: Sarah Sharp & Rosie Stuart


  • Caption Subtitles can be viewed by clicking the captions button in the YouTube window.
  • Audio Description is available here.
  • An Easy-Read Guide to the exhibition is available here.
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