Frédéric Moser and Phillippe Schwinger

Gallery Three Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger present their first UK exhibition, two video works which use the Vietnam massacre at My Lai (16 March 1968) as inspiration. Capitulation Project takes the seminal piece of 70s experimental performance work, Commune, by the New York based Performance Group as their original source. Based on the events of the My Lai massacre, Commune was a provocative piece of 70s experimental performance that depended on the active integration of the audience with the Performance Group. The Berlin based Swiss artists, Moser and Schwinger, have replicated the original large-scale set and encourage gallery visitors to sit on it to watch the projected video, reminiscent of 70’s ‘happenings’. The Performance Group experimented with four variations of interaction between US soldiers and Vietnamese civilians. Moser and Schwinger now re-state the original performance 30 years later with actors poignantly taking stock of the repetition of other wartime atrocities in the years that have elapsed. Acting Facts, is a digital video created from eyewitness accounts of the My Lai massacre. Memories are mediated through a single actor, who at times recites the text and at others, acts out different roles from a bullying officer through to a deferential foot soldier. Acting Facts reflects how the Vietnam War has entered the collective media memory through Hollywood’s obsession with the war, countless books and documentaries. One of three new exhibitions by visual artists using performance and live art to revisit moments in history, 2 Oct – 14 Nov 04. Picture Credit: Capitulation Project Installation view, 2003