Darren Nixon: Coming soon to your screen

Coming soon to your screen is a new site responsive work by Darren Nixon. A large scale painting over two walls, the work will shift and dance over the course eight weeks. Whilst the building is closed the painting will become film set, rehearsal space and site of performance. Nixon will use his time in the space to explore how time folds into various practices, looking at ideas of movement and stillness within painting and animation, performance and film, wall and screen.

The performances which he develops will become the basis of a short animated film in collaboration with the Manchester Animation Festival that will be screened before the main cinema features at HOME as part of Push Festival in January 2019.

Nixon’s work looks at painting by looking at what it lacks and what it has lost. His interest in what painting still has to offer has led him to a way of working which reaches into site responsive sculpture, performance, photography, video, animation and sound design. This new piece for HOME will be his first return to wall based painting for some time.