Chosil Kil: Living with Andis

Chosil Kil’s exhibition features the installation Living with Andis, and a new work, Cocoon. The notion of change and transformation underlies both these works to explore the desire for assimilation and ‘home’.

The installation Living with Andis groups together fragments of memory which recall a personal experience that has passed: three days after meeting Latvian van driver Andis in 2005, Chosil Kil moved into his Copenhagen flat. Their roles evolved naturally as the artist adapted to Andis and thus adopting to his life style she started to document this process.
Chosil Kil alters and documents the configuration of her relationship with Andis from a narrator’s point of view. She traces transformations of their roles, disassociates and translates them with different media—writing, embroidery, carving into found objects, sound recordings, drawing, photography, and video—into texts and objects using handwriting and stitching as her personal act of ‘trace’.

In Cocoon she transforms used, found or donated objects into a nest, disassociating personal memories in order to control and place them within a new context to create a shelter for herself and a sense of ‘home’. In both works she incorporates personal adoptions of both his and her stories and memories that can be explored through her narrator’s text.

Chosil Kil, born 1975 in Korea is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London.

With thanks to Riflemaker.