Blast Theory: Desert Rain

Travelling in teams of six, through real and projected spaces you explore hotels, deserts and bunkers. You have 30 minutes to find a target, complete the mission and get to the final room. Here you find others with a very different idea of what actually happened out there… Desert Rain uses a huge screen of water, video views, footpads, travelators and the lastest virtual reality software to examine the thin line between fact and fiction. Advance booking essential. To get the most from this interactive show you may wish to book with a group of friends of family.

Suitable for adults and children aged 10+. Every 30 minutes from 12 noon Tickets: £6 full / £4 concessions, advance bookings only Groups of 6 £1 off each ticket Box Office: Cornerhouse 0161 200 1500 Venue: Upper Campfield Market, Manchester in association with Digital Summer and the Green Room. A collaboration between Blast Theory and the University of Nottingham’s Computer Research Group Co-commissioned by Contemporrary Archives and ZKM Centre for Arts and Media (Karlsruhe) in association with DA2 (Bristol), University of Nottingham and KTH (Stockholm) with funding from the Arts Council of England and the European Commission’s Kaleidoscope Fund for Now ninety9