Art & Soul

Cartwheel Arts’ longest standing art group, Art & Soul, is celebrating a 15-year anniversary of working together with this display of each member’s proudest work.

As an art and support group every member of Art & Soul accesses the group regularly to practise their craft and learn new artistic skills, in order to benefit their wellbeing. Residing in areas across the Borough of Rochdale the group comes together in Heywood, where Cartwheel Arts are based, and use a local space to create their work. They have had many exhibitions and developed publications over the years and are delighted to showcase their work in Manchester.

Cartwheel Arts co-creates inclusive artistic opportunities with diverse communities that enhance wellbeing and celebrate culture and heritage – they call this Art for a Reason. The Art for Wellbeing programme delivers creative activities that support health and wellbeing with all ages (from 2 – 102). Cartwheel Arts have a track record in delivering high quality arts and health interventions, and their Art for Wellbeing practice is disseminated to practitioners across Greater Manchester through peer support, online training and through the Live Well Make Art network.

This programme aims to support artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. Cartwheel Arts has been supporting artists through the Art for Wellbeing programme since 2008 and Art & Soul have been a prominent feature of this programme throughout. Cartwheel Arts are passionate about reducing barriers by providing local artistic delivery and exhibiting art work to boost confidence and promote the local talent Rochdale Borough has to offer.

The work shown in the Inspire Gallery is created by Cloe, Das, David Greenwood, Kila, Kathryn, Lee Tarrant, Liz, Lorna McFarland, Maggie, Spencer Turner, Tim and Victoria. To see more of their work, you can find them on, who kindly captured some of the artists’ work for this exhibition.

  • Free entry – no booking required
  • This exhibition can be found in our Inspire Gallery by the downstairs bar