Yes Man: New Digital Sound Commission

“Are you a man? Were you born in Manchester? Do you belong here?”

What appear to be three closed questions, requiring a yes/no answer can in fact be unpacked and answered in surprising and even conflicting ways.

Electronic musician Andrew James Brooks used recordings of answers to these questions to produce Yes Man, a choral work that points a lens on gender identities, home and belonging.

The piece uses digital signal processes to remix and unpick traditional binary notions of gender, psycho-geographical recording techniques to explore and subvert feelings of belonging and choral arrangements constructed from the voices of LGBTQ, refugee, homeless, and the diverse population of Manchester. Yes Man attempts to give voice to those who may not be so visible and uses sound to question the listeners perspective on their own place in the city.

Experience the work by downloading or streaming it through bandcamp. It is recommended to get the best possible listening experience you use headphones or good quality speakers…

Yes Man is a new piece of work commissioned by HOME especially for Push Festival 2019.