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Workshop/ Social Media Storytelling

As our use of social media increases, so does the amount of content and noise to which we are all exposed. It’s for this reason that organisations who are trying to connect with an audience understand the importance of creating narratives that draw a viewer in. In this session independent PR & social media consultant Katie Moffat, takes you through the basics of storytelling and why it matters if you want to build engagement through social media. Katie will explore examples and case studies giving you a taster of how individual tools can be used more creatively to help the storytelling process online. And you’ll have the opportunity to play around with these curation tools to test out the potential for yourselves.

Who is the session for:
Anyone looking to improve their online storytelling skills. Whether you work for an arts organisation, are a freelancer in the creative sector or a student wanting to brush up on innovative ways to use social media. This session will provide you with techniques and advice on how to tell those important stories that help you connect with your online audience.

What will you need to bring:
A laptop
An open mind