The first workshop of the Women Above Water series for female freelancers who are struggling to make ends meet and need to develop strategies to increase their income.

This participatory workshop will address some of the issues around how we value ourselves, our skills and our experience in an increasingly competitive work environment.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to address issues of work/life balance
  • Ways of dealing with perfectionism
  • How women negotiate
  • Why we often settle for less
  • Ways of building self-worth

The Facilitator:

Geli Berg is a freelance poet, songwriter, broadcaster, DJ and world music consultant living in Manchester.  Geli ran a series of funded discussion around why talented, educated and experienced female freelancers struggle to make a living and the Women Above Workshops were developed as a result of this research.

These workshop are free thanks to the support of the Performing Arts and Development Agency (PANDA) Legacy Fund.