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Where Ideas Come From

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Have you ever had a good idea, followed by the feeling that it came from nowhere? It happens all the time. Socrates believed that we are empty shells and that creativity comes from daemons swooping inside us, delivering an idea, then leaving just as quickly. It’s easy to understand this when we have flashes of insight. Sometimes ideas have to be dragged out of us and we get the feeling we’ll never get the answer we’re after.

In this six-week course we’re going to look at how ideas happen, why the most creative people have magpie tendencies, the importance of location when generating ideas, and dispel the myth that you are either ‘creative’ or ‘not creative’.

Beginners’ level, no prior knowledge required

Led by
Hugh Garry, specialist in innovation, social media and creativity in digital spaces.

Course screenings
Pulp Fiction
(18) / Thu 6 Feb, 17:45.