What’s your favorite film of the past 20 years?

What’s your top film of the past 20 years?Cornerhouse is turning twenty in October and to celebrate we’ll be screening twenty memorable films from the past two decades as chosen by the centre’s Patrons, visiting filmmakers from Cornerhouse’s history, local film critics, Cornerhouse staff, and – of course our audiences.So cast your mind back and choose 3 films from anytime between 1985 – 2005. To participate just send an email to cinema@cornerhouse.org, with your name, address and phone number and, most importantly, your list your films of films in order of preference with number 1 being top choice. Please indicate the director so that we don’t mix 2 films of the same title Although we will only be choosing one film, this gives us options in case your first choice is not available. Please note that these do not have to be films that have screened at Cornerhouse, so go wild!The film with the highest score will screen at Cornerhouse in October. If that film is not available, we will try the title with the next highest score, etc. We will publish a list of all the titles (and their scores) on the website in October.We are also looking for people who’d like to contribute even further by either writing a programme note or introducing a screening of one of the 20 films that will show that month. It might not be one of your choices (hell, it might be Quentin Tarantino’s desert island movie) but it will offer you the opportunity to try your hand at film criticism via the written or spoken word. If you are willing to write brochure copy or a programme note (or even introduce a screening) for any of your choices, please say so in your email.Please note your details will only be used for the audience vote and notyhing else. However if you wish to weekly details of our programme you can join our emailing list by clicking hereThanks for participating, We are looking forward to seeing your choices.Linda Pariser, Cinemas Director