Welcome to Terror-Molinos

This event will focus on an overlooked part of Spanish cinematic History – the mini-boom in the horror genre that took place between 1967 and 1975. It will begin with a discussion of the context of Spanish cinema at the time, before providing an overview of Spanish horror cinema of the period.The day will then focus on some of the key filmmakers who contributed to the ‘Cine de Terror’ of the period, exploring figures who remained within the low-budget arena such as Jesus Franco and Jose Ramon Larraz, and those who went on to establish more ‘serious’ reputations such as Vicente Aranda and Eloy de la Iglesia. The day will conclude with a discussion of the place of horror within contemporary Spanish cinema and the influence of the ‘pioneers’ of the 60s and 70s. Led by Andy Willis, lecturer in Media and Performance, Salford University, writer Ramsay Campbell and Antonio Lazaro Reboll, Hispanic Dept, Nottingham University.Tickets: £7.00 full / £5.00 concessions