Weaving: Using Poetic Patterns in Long Form Narrative with lisa luxx – Part of Celebrating Syria

Sustaining a story in poetry involves a technique I call weaving; to lift the world out of narration and into poetics.

In this workshop participants will be learning and practising this through symbolism, extended metaphor, and rhythmic repetition. Practising this technique will give you the basic tools for weaving poetry into any long form narrative, whether it be page or stage.

lisa luxx is a queer writer, performer, essayist and activist of British Syrian heritage. She writes for freedom, for healing, to mobilise and to inquire.

Presented as part of Celebrating Syria: A Festival of Arts and Culture.

Ticket Prices
We are committed to making Celebrating Syria accessible to everyone. For each ticketed event three different prices are available, following the ‘solidarity economy’ approach. The highest price is intended for high waged, the middle price for low and medium waged and the lowest price (always £1) for unwaged. This means you can choose the price that suits you. By choosing a higher price, if you can afford it, you are supporting the festival and enabling lower earners to attend festival events. We base our ticketing structure on trust, so no evidence of income is required.

As usual, asylum seekers can attend all events for free. If you require the £1 or free tickets, please contact info@rrsoc.org or on 0161 222 9779.

About Celebrating Syria


Building on 4 years of success, culminating in an entirely virtual festival in December 2020, Rethink Rebuild Society persists with its creative mission, showcasing the talent and creativity of Syrian artists in the UK and presenting a truly bright image of Syria and its culture and heritage, an image that has long been neglected amidst the war and the refugee crisis.

The 5th Celebrating Syria Festival will take place from  11-26 March 2022 and will be a hybrid of events held online and in person. It will feature, among other activities, an art exhibition, a theatre performance, live music, films, panel discussions and interactive art workshops, and will end with a family fun day. There will be something for everyone.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Distance’, or Masafat مسافات in Arabic, a title that is ‘inspired’ by social distancing measures imposed on us all as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, where isolation and distance became the norm and many people stayed away from loved ones. ‘Distance’ also sums up the experiences of many Syrian and non-Syrian people, forcibly displaced, exiled or refugees around the world as a result of injustice.

With this theme in mind, the festival uses arts and culture to challenge physical, emotional and cultural distance and barriers, bringing people closer to one another, reducing isolation, alienation and marginalisation and reinforcing dialogue and integration in the multicultural society of Manchester and the UK at large.

6 hours