We Are All Manchester Gig Night

Compered by Meduulla; Mancunian Zimbabwean rapper of The UK Rap Game fame, this double bill explores some of the fabulous diversity of musical cultures in this great city!

The first half features Waran; a brand-new acoustic folk ensemble who are defiantly seeking their shared musical roots across political and geographical borders, deftly combining Kurdish, Farsi, and Lori cultures. Bringing together folk traditions from across the Middle East, with themes of love, friendship and connection, this inspirational ensemble perfectly embodies the spirit of harmony and cross-cultural exchange.

This is the band’s debut gig, presented in partnership with Culture Bridge.

And for the second half, Sakuba Music brings the mesmerising, high energy sounds of Congolese Soukous to the heart of Manchester.

Soukous is a popular dance from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has its origins in Rumba and which, like the musicians who perform it, has migrated from Central Africa to East Africa, France and the UK. Soukous is renowned for its fast based rhythms, and intricate guitar lines.

With original compositions, this is pure unadulterated dance music which is impossible to sit still to! A fitting finish to Horizons 2023!

2 hours

Open to all ages.

The tickets for this event is free or Pay What You Can.