Viva: Vanilla Eyes: Spain v Hollywood

Paul Julian Smith uses the case study of Alejandro Amenábar’s ABRE LOS OJOS (OPEN YOUR EYES) and its Hollywood remake, starring and co-produced by Tom Cruise, VANILLA SKY to explore the cultural relationship between Spain and Hollywood. This talk will suggest that aesthetic and thematic aspects of ABRE LOS OJOS are intimately linked to a recognisable Spanish culture; and the relative lack of artistic success of the remake derives from the loss of this distinct cultural context. This illustrated talk will also consider Amenábar’s English language feature. THE OTHERS (co-produced by Cruise) is an uncanny intermediary between ABRE LOS OJOS and VANILLA SKY, combining as it does Spanish direction, cinematography, and art design with Hollywood finance, starpower, and promotion.Paul Julian Smith is Professor of Spanish at University of Cambridge and author of Contemporary Spanish Culture: Television, Fashion, Art and Film, and Desire Unlimited: The Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar.Tickets: £3.50 full / £2.50 concs.