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Venessa Scott : Visual Storytelling Workshop

Interested in using telling stories through collage?

Join Venessa Scott for an immersive workshop where you will explore visual storytelling through the medium of collage. Venessa will introduce you to her practice and guide you through the process of working with found imagery, miscellaneous textured paper, and layers of ink to create a visual narrative.

Together you will work from a shared starting point before deciding on a narrative from historical reference or current affairs that you would like to communicate. Drawing inspiration from various ephemeral sources such as flyers, magazines, photocopies, newspapers and decorative packaging. You will be invited to cut, tear, paste, layer, and ink your elements together to construct your own image.

No previous experience is needed but please make sure you have access to the materials listed below.

Materials required for workshop*:
• Miscellaneous Printed ephemera – Newspapers, Magazine, Flyers, Paper Packaging
• Ink Biro (or) Fine Sharpie Marker (or) Brush and ink
• 3 sheets of A4 Card or thick paper
• Glue
• Scissors
*please organise in advance of the workshop

Want to know more about Venessa Scott?
– Visit Venessa’ Scott’s website