Upclose: Manchester Camerata at HOME / Antarctica

Antarctica is an immersive work of orchestral music theatre. Composer Laura Bowler travelled to the Antarctic in January 2018 and brought it back for you. Authentic audio visual material captured from the trip will recreate the world of the southern oceans here in Manchester. You will feel as though you are one of the deckhands onboard the ship as you sail down the Lemaire Channel via 360 sound, actors and stunning visuals. This is going to be a truly chilling experience — dress warmly.

Post Show Discussion:
Straight after the concert there will be a post show discussion: Laura Bowler and Sam Redway will talk about their journey to Antarctica.

This will last for 20 minutes.


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  • From £15 (conc. available)
  • This show has no interval and will last 1 hour
  • This show contains flashing images, lots of loud sudden noises and swearing.
  • This performance will be recorded by BBC Radio 3 (for later transmission).