UK Jewish Film Festival on Tour 2004

A programme of full-length features, a selection of short silent films and a tribute to Manchester’s Jack Rosenthal, who died earlier this year. Rosenthal was one of the most influential, inventive and accessible writers working in British Television. The tribute will comprising of the following films: The Evacuees, Bar Mitzvah Boy and Bye Bye

Previously in this Festival

The Evacuees

The experiences of two young Jewish boys evacuated from Manchester to Blackpool during the Blitz.

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Bye Bye Baby

How a young Jewish conscript survives the Russians, the Royal Navy and the relationship with his girl back home.

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Bar Mitzvah Boy

A Jewish boy contemplates the meaning of his forthcoming Bar Mitzvah.

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Behind Enemy Lines

A documentary following a Israeli police captain and Palestinian journalist as they travel together.

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The Yuri Morozov Archive of Silent Films

Early cinematic representation of East European Jewish communities.

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