Tuesday Talk: Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts was among the generation of young artists who brought the city of Glasgow into international prominence in the mid 1990’s. She has returned to her home in Carlisle to develop work inspired by her interest in the mind and the body, in dream and reality, Eros and Thanatos, sleep and death, the mind and the body, or the historical and the temporal. The first major monograph on Julie Roberts, Home, was brought out by Sean Kelly Galllery, New York, this spring.Other artists and writers coming to Cornerhouse for the Tuesday Talks programme include Mark Dion, Lindsay Seers, Tim Brennan, Claudia Pilsi, Richard Gott and Stuart Croft. Full programme details will appear in the Monthly Cornerhouse Brochure.Tuesday Talks are co-ordinated by Prof. Pavel Buchler of the Faculty of Art and Design, Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Cornerhouse. Tickets £2.00 per lecture, or at the reduced rate of £12.oo for the series. (Tickets are free to students with current MMU ID cards)