Version is not just a showcase but a unique film production project, and this year’s festival climaxes with the premiere of four new films specially produced for the occasion:

Witness Protection

Dir: Sarah Eyre
Based on a short by new writer Guy Ware

Starring Reg Edwards & Rosina Carbone

A man is assigned a new identity after witnessing a brutal murder.

Letters Home

Dir: Ronald J. Wright
Based on a story by Martyn Bedford

Starring Nasser Memarzia, Daniell Coll, Lucia Cox & Katie Moore

An asylum seeker attempts to adjust to life in an evidently racist northern town, set against the backdrop of the Lee Bowyer/Jonathan Woodgate trial of 2002

The Sorting Out

Dir: Gwendolen Osmond
Based on a story by Christopher Priest

Starring Elizabeth Bassham

A woman returns home after a long day in town to discover her house has been broken into and the intruder may still be there.

Finding Polish

Dir: Caleb Shaffer
Based on a story by M. Y. Alam

Starring Haider Javed, David Robertson, Jamall Nasir, Carl Sethi, Javed Khan, Irfan Hussain, Liz Daniels, Martin Salomonsen, Natalie Page & Austin Garrett

A young loan shark, attempting impress his uncle in the family business, attempts to chase up a decades-old debt, and in doing so uncovers a dark secret.