The Free Association Discussion Group: A Free Space for Thinking, Feeling and Reflection

An open discussion that everyone is welcome into. This discussion will be titled ‘Home and Away’ and will ask, why do we feel at home in one place and complete strangers in another?’ This is the first of a series of free-flowing discussions on subjects that resonate with us all on themes such as home, identity and what it means to belong.

This three-session pilot project is organised jointly between HOME and Rethink Rebuild Society and is co-facilitated by Dr Mustafa Alachkar from Rethink Rebuild Society and Anne Louise Kershaw from HOME.

Come along to a thought-provoking discussion where you exchange ideas and feelings with like-minded people

About the Artists: 

Dr Mustafa Alachkar, consultant psychiatrist and medical psychotherapist of Syrian origin who volunteers with Rethink Rebuild Society, a Manchester-based charity concerned with supporting and advocating for Syrian and other refugees in Manchester. Mustafa is one of the coordinators of Celebrating Syria, a Festival of Arts and Culture which is taking place in Manchester in November 2019 for the third consecutive year.

Anne Louise Kershaw is the Community & Outreach Programme Producer and Producer of the Horizons Festival for HOME. She is an artist, curator and writer whose practice is informed by feminist, queer, collaborative working and social change.

The project is supported by Rethink Rebuild Society. Rethink Rebuild exist to inspire, strengthen and advocate for refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants, in particular, but not exclusively, Syrians in the UK and help them become an effective part of British society.


  • Free, booking required as numbers are limited