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The Eyes of Orson Welles Q&A

We will be joined by director Mark Cousins for a Q&A following the 17:50 screening on Fri 17 Aug.

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Welles trained as an artist before he become an actor and director, and continued to draw and paint throughout his career – character sketches, storyboards, set designs, pictures of the people and places that inspired him. These artworks are a sketchbook of his life, and most have never been seen outside his family and close friends.  For the first time, award-winning director Mark Cousins (Stockholm, My Love) has been granted access to this treasure trove of imagery, to make a film about what he finds there – the story of Welles’ visual thinking, never before told.

The Eyes of Orson Welles will screen from Fri 17 Aug on general release.

We review The Eyes of Orson Welles in our August podcast. Skip to the 7.15 mark to hear what we had to say…

Listen to our conversation with Director Mark Cousins below: