The Cremaster Cycle (1 – 5)

Dir/Scr Matthew Barney US 1994 – 2002American artist Matthew Barney spent eight years directing and acting in his spectacular epic cycle that bends genres and genders with equal audacity and jaw-dropping imagery in its exploration of themes of sexual differentiation and masculinity. “The first great fusion of art and cinema since UN CHIEN ANDALOU.” The GuardianCheck out the official website on www.cremaster.netCremaster – The Order (DVD) £12.99A lengthy section from CREMASTER 3, featuring special interactive features and director’s commentary. Available from Cornerhouse bookshop.

Previously in this season

Cremaster 3

The final installment of the Cremaster cycle

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Cremaster 5 + Cremaster 2

Part of the Cremaster cycle

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Cremaster 4 + Cremaster 1

Part of the Cremaster Cycle

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