The Bigger Picture Birthday Commissions Premiere

Join us at the Big Screen in Exchange Square for the premiere of two new films. Commissioned by Cornerhouse as part of the 20th Birthday celebrations, the films will show on the Manchester Big Screen throughout November and will go on tour other Big Screens across the UK.Managed by Cornerhouse, The Bigger Picture utilises the 25 square metre video screen in Exchange Square, for exhibiting artwork beyond the traditional gallery or cinema context. The Bigger Picture has been screening a selection of short film, video art and community moving image on the Big Screen, since October 2003.
Due to technical problems with the Big Screen in Exchange Square The Bigger Picture Birthday Commissions will now be premiering at 7.30pm in Gallery Three here at Cornerhouse. Now We Are Grown Up
desperate optimists (Christine Molloy & Joe Lawlor) UK 2005
The film continues the desperate optimists’ award winning Civic Life series. Filmed entirely on location in Manchester city centre with a cast of perfomers all 20 years of age, perfectly positioned and synchronised, the piece is filmed in one smooth and immaculately planned nine and a half minute take. www.www.desperateoptimists.comHopes, Fears, 20 Years
Kartoon Kings (Simon Grennan & Christopher Spernadio) UK 2005
Kartoon Kings conducted a series of 50 inteviews with Mancunians aged between 25 and 100, from all walks of life, asking just two questions; What’s been your single greates hope since 1985? What’s been your single greatest fear since 1985? These hopes and fears feature in the animation, with key words and ideas often exposing contradiction and diverse opinions.