Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

This event draws from the exhibition’s themes of mapping, movement and the psychology of different urban spaces. Psychogeography attempts to reinvent and offer an alternative experience of our increasingly regulated environment, using techniques which include disorientation and improvisation. Primarily an urban technique made infamous in the 1950s and 60s by the situationists, it has in this country become poeticised by London-based writers such as Iain Sinclair and the filmmaker Chris Petit. In the late 1990s, several psychogeographic groups explored the psychic and historical layers of cities including London and Manchester. Bob Dickinson, founder of the journal Manchester Area Psychogeographic (MAP), presents an illustrated talk on the actions undertaken by MAP-readers in the mid-90s, which began with a levitation of the Corn Exchange. The talk will take place at Cornerhouse Thu 21 Nov at 6.30 pm. The audience will be invited to take part in a psychogeographic walk or ‘derive’ on Saturday, 23 Nov, 10.00am, starting at Cornerhouse. Lasting approximately 2hrs and on the theme of Manchester’s underworld, the walk will finish at a mystery pub with underworld significance.Tickets £3.50 from Box Office.