Take Your Seat – Global Majority Networking Events

In partnership with Unity Theatre, Take Your Seat brings together creatives from the global majority* from across Manchester and Liverpool to talk, plan together, network, troubleshoot ideas with peers, and provide ongoing support during these difficult times.

Whatever art form you’re working in, whether you’re starting out or an old hand, this space is for you.  See performances, attend networking events and meet possible future friends and collaborators.

The sessions are led by afshan d’souza-lodhi in Manchester and Tayo Aluko in Liverpool.

Tayo Aluko is a playwright, actor, singer and producer based in Liverpool and afshan d’souza-lodhi is a scriptwriter and poet living in Manchester.

Upcoming events in Manchester;

Project Dictator on 20 Sept

Dual دوگانه  on 5 Oct


We’ll also be having our last mixer of 2023 on 9 Dec, in the daytime, details TBC.

Want to come along to a future meet up? 

If you are interested in coming to a session, meeting, show or knowing more about the group, please email takeyourseat@gmail.com 

*What do we mean by Global Majority?

“Global majority” is a collective term for ethnic groups which constitute approximately 85 percent of the global population. It is used as an alternative to terms which are seen as racialized like “ethnic minority” and “person of color” (POC), or more regional terms like “visible minority” in Canada and “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic” (BAME) in the United Kingdom.

Examples are people from the African and Caribbean diasporas, people who are South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, North African and Middle Eastern or ethnically-mixed heritages.

If you are interested in coming to a session or knowing more about the group, please email takeyourseat@gmail.com