Taiwan’s Lost Commercial Cinema: Recovered and Restored

Did you know regular filmmaking on Taiwan only started in the 1950s? With a Taiwanese-language film industry? 1,000-plus Taiwanese-language features were made up to the 1970s. But the budgets were miniscule, the companies short-lived, and there was no archive. They were quickly forgotten, and only 200-plus survive.

Now, Taiwan’s lost commercial cinema is being recovered and restored by the Taiwan Film Institute.

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Taiwan’s Lost Commerical Cinema: The History of Taiyupian 台語片

From Mon 22 Nov - Wed 1 Dec we will be screening three feature films made during Taiwan's film industry boom, spanning from the 1950s…

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On Mon 22 Nov

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On Mon 29 Nov

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Foolish Bride, Naïve Bridegroom

On Wed 1 Dec

This zany 1960s romantic comedy is living proof that Taiwan was turning out films every bit as hilarious as Sorry That I Fell in Love…

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