Sue Devaney in Didn’t You Used To Be Somebody?

Didn’t You Used To Be Somebody? sees Sue Devaney (Coronation Street, Dinnerladies, Mamma Mia) as Jessie Jackson, a woman of a certain age with an insatiable appetite for all things bright and beautiful and off the scale bad.

A funny and poignant one woman performance about suffering, survival and sweet tooth surrender, it is a story about someone who is a slave to the crave.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from everything and everyone, or hung out at a ‘poor me, poor me, pour me another’ pity party, then plug into this tale of twisted compulsions and extremes and experience what happens when the addict self is left to run the shit show.

Didn’t You Used To Be Somebody? is a premiere, commissioned for Recoverist Month by Portraits of Recovery and developed in partnership with HOME

Recoverist Month celebrates the aspirational hopes, desires, fears, and dreams of Greater Manchester, people, and communities in recovery from addiction. Lived experience is centre stage, promoting positive health messaging and framing recovery as a viable lifestyle choice.

Recoverist Month September 2023. An initiative led by Portraits of Recovery

1 hour and 30 minutes

One hour performance followed by Q&A.

All tickets are Pay What You Can.