Special Masterclasses

Cinema 3Special MasterclassesTwo masterclasses for artists and filmmakers who wish to spend more time learning about the practice and projects of two important new media and interactive artists.10.00am – 1.00pm Feng Mengbo A thrilling morning with master game player and creator, Feng Mengbo. An early enthusiast of the Id games, Doom™ and Quake™, Mengbo has played the games day and night on the Internet with players from all over the world. Using a MiniDV, he transformed real people into player characters on the screen. Q3, his first digital movie in 1999, is an ultra fast edited documentary and a virtual interview between the artist and a ‘bot’ of the game.Feng Mengbo will discuss his ideas, demonstrate his work and answer questions about his practice. http://www.mengbo.com Presented in association with Visiting Arts2.00 – 5.00pm Masaki FujihataSpend the afternoon with new media master, Masaki Fujihata. A professor at Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music, he is a pioneer in interactive virtual environments, new cinema, GPS data with video images and 3D interactive multimedia. Internationally known, he was included this year in Future Cinema, Germany and commissioned by Future Physical’s Wearable Technology project. http://www.field-works.netMasaki discusses Off-Sense, an extended version of Nuzzle Afar. Both works take the challenge to design a cyberspace as a meeting place. Unlike the famous network game Doom™, avatars in the work generate a path, depicted as a thread-like 3D line, enabling other avatars/players to trace past movements and know of their existence. Presented in association with The Japan FoundationTickets from Box Office £3.50 per masterclass / £5.00 for both