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SICK! Festival 2017

SICK! Festival heads to HOME as part of a city-wide programme. SICK! Festival confronts the physical, mental and social challenges that we face in our individual and collective lives. In 2017, the festival has a special focus on questions of identity and belonging. Presenting an outstanding international programme of theatre, dance, film, public installations and discussions, SICK! Festival weaves together perspectives from lived experience, clinical practice, charities, community groups and academic research.

SICK! Festival have asked us to pass on the following statement to you regarding the performance of Five Easy Pieces on Sat 25 March:

“We regret to inform you that Saturday’s performance of Five Easy Pieces by Milo Rau has had to be cancelled. This was due to applications for the children’s performance licences being declined.

SICK! Festival is very disappointed that we are unable to present this outstanding work by a leading international artist. We were entirely satisfied that the development and presentation of the work were undertaken with rigorous support from child psychologists, parents, schools and in dialogue with the children themselves.

We will explore the possibility of presenting this performance at a later date.”

Helen Medland, CEO/Artistic Director, SICK! Festival