Show & Tell Jan 2017

Discover Manchester’s creative scene as artists, designers and makers talk about their practice, projects or sources of inspiration in five minutes flat.

Speakers include

  • Filmmaker James Kennedy, who will talk about his journey from script to screen developing his science fiction romantic comedy film CTRL Z
  • Multidisciplinary artist Naomi Kendrick whose practice focuses on drawing, performance, participation and workshops. Naomi is currently working on her R&D project ‘Drawing as Experience’, using catalysts such as drawing while under hypnosis or in response to live music to spark a journey through drawing, into various sensations, states of mind and memories.
  • BBC R&D’s Max Leonard who will talk about his approach to playful/alternative uses for the city and various adventures and fun you can get up to if you think a little outside the box.
  • painter Connor Collins;
  • Ruby-Ann Patterson, Singer, Writer, Music mentor and founder of Mancnubian, an not for profit organisation supporting women of colour in Manchester.
  • paper artist Helen Musslewhite who will take you through the creative process of creating the 2016 Christmas Stamps.