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Show & Tell Jan 2016

Discover what the creative scene has to offer in and around Manchester as artists, members of creative digital agencies and creatives at large talk about their practice, projects or source of inspiration in 5 minutes sharp. The perfect way to get inspired on a Saturday afternoon!


Elisa Artesero, light and text artist, will introduce some of her recent public installations at light art festivals in the UK

Liane Grimshaw is a digital marketing industry veteran and founder of SupaReal, an inbound content marketing agency. In “for f**k sake, make it meaningful!”, she will talk about making marketing meaningful and why that matters so much in business today.

Artist Richard Shields has a history of fusing his environment and circumstances with his Art practice, perhaps even to say he has been doing a residency in his own life. He will share how his employment, unemployment, health, finances and the people he meets all become research for his work.

Freelance motion graphics designer Jack Woodcock, will explain about how much he owes to his passion for Mexican food.

Lucy Ridges, freelance portrait photographer and artist at Rogue Studios, will talk about how a recent artists residency in a remote village in North Iceland has changed the way she works with photography.

Matt Sandrini, marketing consultant by day and blogger by night at timezillionaire.com, will talk about sharing your story online and creating your tribe of likeminded people.

With more to be announced…