Sex and the City: The World According to Woke Charlotte

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic HBO show. Despite being groundbreaking for its depictions and discussions of straight female sexuality and life, the show has garnered a reputation for being quite problematic when it comes to issues of gender, race and queer sexuality. This recently brought about the viral meme of #WokeCharlotte, where fans used screencaps of the character to show the errors of the show when discussing these important issues.

To celebrate the show’s anniversary, Pilot Light are teaming up with London’s Reel Good Film Club to examine the impact the show had on women of colour in the years since its initial airing; through a live script reading of the pilot, recast entirely with people of colour, followed by a discussion panel on Sex and the City and race.

The ensemble cast features babirye bukilwa (BBC Three’s Ackee & Saltfish), Sarah Sahim (Culture Journalist, Pitchfork), Samio Olowu (Model & Fashion Blogger), Emily Lloyd-Saini (Actress & Comedian), Kiell Smith-Bynoe (Actor, #HoodDocumentary), Nathan Bryon (Writer/Actor, Benidorm, Reality) and Grace Barber-Plentie (Founder, Reel Good Film Club).