The Return of Memory Film Season

To mark our major autumn exhibition, The Return of Memory, we will be presenting a special season of contemporary cinema and artists from Russia, Eastern Europe and former Socialist territories. Together they explore the different legacies of the Russian Revolution – and all that followed in its wake – that are still felt today across the countries of the ‘New East’.

Created and curated by The New Social and HOME.

Previously in this season

Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body

Popivoda's work at the intersection of performance and film often explores the structure of the cultural and political spheres in both the former Yugoslavia and…

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Angels of Revolution

Polina convinces five of her friends to go with her, former colleagues-in-arms who have now become metropolitan artists: a composer, a sculptor, a theatre director,…

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School Number 3

School Number 3 was awarded the Grand Prix for Best Film in 2017 Berlinale's Generation 14plus.

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Close Relations

Leading documentary filmmaker, Russian citizen and Soviet-born Ukrainian native Vitaly Mansky crisscrosses Ukraine to explore the country’s society after the Maidan revolution as mirrored within…

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City of the Sun

In this documentary debut, director Rati Oneli provides fascinating insights into a living environment whose bleak industrial ruins appear at once colossal and like a…

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