Renegade Soundwaves Q&A

Artist David Blandy and filmmaker Charlotte Dean will be present for a Q&A session following the screening of their respective films, Radio Nights and Keep it Locked, for our bi-monthly experimental screening.

Radio Nights (2005) is a documentary film by artist David Blandy and young people from the Avenues Youth Project in Queen’s Park, London. It investigates the invisible worlds of the listeners and broadcasters of West London’s rich radio culture, from late night call-ins to underground MCs tussling for airwaves, from the pirate innovators of the 1980s to the Grime stars of the future. Blandy has exhibited widely in shows in the UK and Internationally, his work dealing with identity, the construction of the self through mass media, subcultures and his relationship with popular culture.

From Manchester based filmmaker Charlotte Dean, Cornerhouse will be presenting Keep it Locked (2001), a short film exploring the ‘techniques and combinations’ employed by two old friends as they set up, now shut-down pirate radio station 106fm, in inner city Manchester. Dean’s film takes the approach of visual anthropology and in this sense exposes the raw reality of the ins and outs of pirating. Experience with them their summer spent in search of the perfect roof!