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PUSH LAB – Mitigating Youth Racial Trauma: A Youth & Community Workers Toolkit

An introductory workshop exploring the various ways young black & brown people (13-25) are adversely impacted by everyday racial trauma/micro aggressions, situational, and systemic inequalities in U.K. society. This session will be facilitated by Angeli Sweeney. 

This session includes a buffet lunch at 1.30pm before the workshop. The workshop will then run from 2.30 – 4pm.

Who is it for?

The intended audience would be any artist who wants to learn more about the subtle & embedded factors that adversely affect young black and brown peoples navigation of contemporary society, this in relation to making co created work in 2022.

What outcomes are anticipated?

It’s an opportunity to explore the important issue of trauma; particularly in relation to events of the past 2 years (George Floyd, Pandemic) and an attempt to learn new ways to provoke and challenge mindsets in efforts to evoke new, more holistic personal paradigms of thought and socially engaged practice.

Outcomes will include;

– Nuanced knowledge of anti-black inequalities.

– Youth Work models, theories & practice.

– Enabling identity centred well-being.

Angeli is born & raised in Manchester & is currently a Mental Health Practitioner for a youth charity, as well as holding professional qualifications in community & youth work, coaching & leadership & management.







Update 9 December 2021

Due to the announcement regarding covid regulations on 8 December, currently all the events in PUSH LAB have a limited capacity to allow for social distancing to take place. If the guidelines change the capacity will be increased.