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PUSH LAB -‘free fall’ Poetry for Well-being

This workshop will focus on self expression using poetry as a focus to better our well being and self care.

The facilitator for this session will be Nasima Bee.

Lunch will also be provided after this session so why not stick around.

Nasima Begum (aka Nasima Bee on stage) is a performance poet, producer and creative practitioner. Nasima uses art as a means of activism and her work is an exploration of loss, a celebration of femininity and an observance of the world.

@nasimabee – twitter
@nasimabeepoet – instagram


Update 9 December 2021

Due to the announcement regarding covid regulations on 8 December, currently all the events in PUSH LAB have a limited capacity to allow for social distancing to take place. If the guidelines change the capacity will be increased.