Powell and Pressburger Creative Performances

As part of our Cinema Unbound: The Creative Worlds of Powell and Pressburger film season, we’re showcasing five creative performances in response to Powell and Pressburger’s seminal film The Red Shoes. These creative performances will take place before the screenings of The Red Shoes.

Creative Performance: Rose Condo
Fri 8 Dec, 17:50

 Rose Condo will perform Productivity Circus a new spoken word piece that reflects on how passion can tip over into obsession: in today’s outcome-oriented world, we can be pressured into taking on roles that push us to extremes of stress and burnout. How do we recognise when we’ve put on our own ‘red shoes’ and how can we pause the frantic pace to keep from going over the edge? 

Creative Performance: Julie Burrow
Sat 9 Dec, 15:10

A 5 minute-long tongue-in-cheek endurance performance about the suffering associated with the creation of art. 

Creative Performance: Porcelain Delaney
Monday 11 Dec, 15:10

Porcelain will perform her monologue But aren’t you a dancer, a first person story about a chronically ill dancer who can’t give up her passion for dance but is confronted by the fact that people dismiss her health problems as “not that bad” as she has a physical job.  

Creative Performance: Jas Nisic
Wed 13 Dec, 17:50

Jas Nisic will perform Life Vs Love a new song that explores the impossible choice between the life that you love and the love of your life 

Creative Performance: Isabella Leung & Louiseanne Wong
Thu 14 Dec, 17:50

A collaboration between theatre maker Isabella and movement artist Louiseanne, to explore the impact of a disguised oppression from their ancestral history. 

Combining Isabella’s spoken words and Louiseanne’s raw Krump movements, Not Dainty will draw on the parallels between the symbolic significance of The Red Shoes and the brutal Chinese custom of footbinding – both symbols of social confinement, especially the confinement of women and their struggles for freedom.