Playreading Sharing & Social

Join us for HOME’s Playreading Sharing and Social Event! This exciting gathering will showcase some incredible works in progress from our talented group, followed by an end of year celebration.

Robbin’ in the Hood by Catherine Nicks
Bonnie and Johnny have been friends (or as they like to say, partners in crime) for many years. And their old friend William once said of the two “age cannot wither them, nor custom stale their infinite variety”

98 by Claire Barry
98% of rapes reported in the UK do not result in a conviction. This monologue tells the story of a woman meets with the man who violated her, to reflect on her experience of violence at his hands, and an investigation which amounted to nothing.

The Wedding by Racheal Bloom
A pivotal scene between two best friends and business partners, who are both therapists; That morning, in their office, one woman discovers that the other’s daughter is having an affair with her fiancé.

And So I Say by Catherine Nicks
A broken mind, a fractured body but a determined spirit – who is good and who is bad.


Content Warnings:

98 includes references to sexual violence.
And So I Say includes references to domestic violence.