Paul Auster: Man of Cinema

Paul Auster is the best-selling author of The New York Trilogy, Winter Journal, Sunset Park, Man in the Dark, The Brooklyn Follies, The Book of Illusions and many others. Translated into more than thirty languages, Auster has a long association with cinema, as source material, screenwriter and also as a film director in his own right. We present an Auster-inspired film season to accompany City of Glass, with titles chosen by the novelist.

Previously in this season

The Conversation

Another classic Coppola, in which Hackman’s isolated, private life is built on other peoples’ private lives and conversations, picked up by his bank of electronic…

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Blind Chance

Banned for years for getting too close to the political knuckle, Kieślowski's three-part narrative hinges on whether medical student Witek (Bogusław Linda) catches a train,…

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Blue in the Face

The Brooklyn cigar store owned by Augie Wren (Harvey Keitel) is a drop-in centre for all manner of local eccentrics. When he announces his intention…

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The Inner Life of Martin Frost

Having completed his fourth novel, Martin Frost accepts the invitation of friends to spend a few weeks in their vacant country house. On his first…

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