Panel Discussion: Manchester to Bangalore: Art and technology at a time of climate crisis

From the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the home of the first electronic-stored programme computer to the heart of India’s IT industry or Silicon Valley, Manchester and Bangalore are two cities at the forefront of digital innovation, development and technological investment. Both cities also have a thriving art tech scene and community, including artists who push technology’s boundaries and invite us to explore new perspectives and ways of thinking through their work.

In this panel discussion, we are exploring how technology and art come together at a time when society, our world and relations are heavily mediated through digital technologies and capitalism, but also at a time of great challenges, such as the climate crisis. Can art help us rethink and reimagine technology and societal systems and enable us to engage with the world and ecosystems in non exploitative ways?

Speakers: Valentino Catricala (SODA), FutureFantastic Artists – Upasana Nattoji Roy, Pritha Kundu, Diane Edwards, Tiz Creel, David McFarlane and chaired by FutureEverything Creative Director Irini Papadimitriou.

2 hours