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Orphée In The Dark Listening Event

Close your eyes and open your ears as radio collective In The Dark take us on a sonic journey into the wandering mind before the screening of Orphée. This listening event (like a film screening, but without the pictures) will draw on audio, radio and sound art from around the world, past and present, to examine the way that our inner worlds have been portrayed through sound.

Film details

Cocteau’s most celebrated film marries classical legend to his own personal mythology in the story of a poet caught between the worlds of the real and the imagined. Meticulously designed, Orphée is the most haunting, poetic and adult of fantasy films. Filmed in and around Paris, the city is subjected to what Cocteau himself called ‘creative geography’, made new and different by the magic of montage.

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Please note: This film will begin at the advertised time without adverts or trailers.