On The Big Screen: Sat 4 – Fri 17 November 2006

Recommendation of the fortnight (Week 45 & 46)

Sat 4 – Friday 17 November 2006

VITAL 06: International Chinese Live Art Festival (2-5 November)

Artists taking part in Chinese Arts Centre’s International Live Art Festival, VITAL, are being invited to exhibit on Big Screen Manchester over the coming weeks.

Catch Monkey king causes havoc in the Heavenly Palace by legendary and politically motivated artists Cai and Xi (aka ‘madforreal’). Born in China both artists have been living in the UK since the 1980s, with their collaboration commencing in the late 1990’s when they became known for their intervention, Jumping on Tracey Emin’s Bed. See www.madforreal.com.

Also showing will be, Illusion, by He Chengyao, an artist whom focuses her work around biographical dream materials, reviving past experiences, whilst simultaneously focusing on wider social issues. Most notably however, don’t miss the chance to see footage of artist Dai Guang Yu hanging himself upside down as he prepares to eat a meal in Food and Words. Dai Guang Yu,  will be performing live for the first time in the UK, as part of VITAL 06.

VITAL 06 is the start of a major programme of Live Art events to be programmed by Chinese Arts Centre. The festival will be followed by a year of residencies by Chinese artists in collaboration with institutions across England. These activities will culminate in a second festival, VITAL 07, which will take place in Manchester in October 07.

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VITAL is being developed in association with the Live Art Development Agency, is supported by Arts Council of England, and is proud to have Art Asia Pacific Magazine as media sponsor.

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