On the Big Screen 5 – 25 April 2008

The Bigger Picture is presents a special programme dedicated to Moves 08,  featuring a section of films from last year’s festival in the run-up to the 2008 edition which takes place until Saturday 26 April.

The programme features a total of 7 very different films all with a special focus on movement.

The first film in the programme is Energy! by T. Fleisch in which high voltage discharges expose photographic paper which is then arranged in time to give birth to an electricity planet.

Next up is Kitchen by F. Vogel. This short surreal piece looks at how your kitchen can be the most inspiring place in the world: What is the relationship between a banana and your field of vision?

A_Way_Away by S. Klaus is a black and white video that plays with the principals of perspective on the flat screen.

Out Of The Weeping Web by T. Pratt is a short animated story of loss and subsequent renewal through the process of mourning. Dreamlike visuals describe the beauty of existence.

Shona McCullagh’s Mondo Nuovo is the result of the exploration of Isadora interactive software. It presents a new space where limbs and heads emerge, merge, and recede from and to.

Wake Up directed by S.Rollnik & S. Sebald is a short film in which a young lady tries desperately to catch the attention of a boy.

Leroux’s Composition in Black & White is a tale about two bodies, two colours, and a metronome.

In C. Whyte’s Splice the footage from four different performers is spliced together to create a single sequence of movement.

The final film is October Velez Circles by M. Garrard in which the strongly edited pieces take the viewer into circular choreographies.

For more info about the films and the festivals visit www.movementonscreen.org.uk