On the Big Screen 28 April – 11 May 2007

Selections from The Bigger Picture’s Open Submission Round 01 for 2007 have been made and over the coming weeks Big Screen Manchester will play host to work by Franca Chretien, Daniel Bevan, Federico Campanale and Erik Olofsen, Katja Host.

Day time screenings will welcome Franca Cherien’s ‘Crush’ – a short animation about a young lemon who goes for a walk and meets some enigmatic characters, whilst Daniel Bevan’s ‘Oxford Street’ plays with footage of a busy shopping strip – as an Sergeant barks orders at an army of retail therapy addicted crowds they seemingly obey his every command, or do they? Also, catch Federico Campanale’s ‘Kogel Vogel’, a high speed registration of a bullet processing through many thin glass plates and finally being stopped by the last one, plus Erik Olofsen’s ‘In Places’ which depicts a figure falling on a city in extreme slow motion, eventually dissolving and sinking into it.

Joining the programme as part of Overnight MuteLoops, don’t miss Katja Host’s ‘The Lonely Crowd’, where the artist focuses on people’s attempt to catch a glimpse of their own reflection in the windows and surfaces of the city, drawing out the ambivalent experience of being both subject and object in the public sphere; of seeing and being seen. Overnight mute loop screens midnight to 7am.