On the Big Screen: 26 August – 8 September

26 August – 8 September 2006

Recommendations of the fortnight

Over the next fortnight contemporary moving image will screen day and night on Big Screen Manchester.

As part of a season of Victoria Baths programmes, The Bigger Picture is delighted to be screening Humberto Velez’ The Mancunian Way (2004). The film documents young artists of Manchester creating a symbolic “storming” of the well-loved historic baths. Arriving by double-decker bus like returning heroes, they bring energy and a particular aesthetic of today to the Edwardian Water Palace. Velez will be exhibiting in the International programme of The Liverpool Biennial 2006.

Running after dark, for seven hours straight, Overnight MuteLoops continues the celebration of Manchester’s historic baths’ 100th Anniversary. In 2004, Pool Arts, an arts organisation based in the Ardwick area of Manchester created an Art Gallery in a garden shed. Closed Circuit TV captured the two-day marathon of 10 exhibitions and shows the artists mounting their work and visitors to the diminutive space, first shown at Platt Fields and soon to be sited at an allotment near you! (Curator Alison Kershaw).

As part of the nocturnal screening programme also expect to see works selected from The Bigger Picture’s ‘Open Submission’ rounds. Kathy Kenny and Ron den Daas’ Revisit evokes the spirit of an ancient journey, whilst Adela Jones’ Performing Poppies is a silent observation of nature in action.

Also, returning to this experimental timeslot are Alexander Lorenz’ The story that never took place and Kath Healey’s (tentantspin) timelapse. In The story that never took place, the city at night, with its inanimate life, is the protagonist of the video. Movie-like establishing shots make the spectator wait for an action that will not happen. Somewhere between film and photography both art forms are questioned by the work. timelapse is a looped time-lapse view from Kath’s (a long-standing tenantspin participant) flat, filmed over the course of a day in summer 2004. The film was first exhibited as part of Living It Up:The Tower Block Story at the Museum of Liverpool Life.

The Bigger Picture plays Monday – Friday at 9.00am, 12noon, 2.05pm, 5pm, 10.35pm, and at various times throughout the weekend. Schedules subject to change).

The Bigger Picture Overnight MuteLoop will screen everyday, nightly from Midnight – 7.00am. (Schedules subject to change).