On The Big Screen: 23 – 28 July

23 – 28 July 2006

The Bigger Picture welcomes Cornerhouse exhibiting sound artists Bob Levene and Helmut Lemke to Big Screen Manchester. Levene creates playful and often humorous work that experiments with the performative making of sound and her short video pieces are part of this wider practice. She sees the films as ‘sketches’ a place to try things out. Like the rest of her work the films investigate sound and sound recording technologies.

Helmut Lemke has worked for more than 25 years with time and location, sound installation and performance. His installations mostly deal with found sounds and the creation of new resonance and timbres. Lemke uses simple tools and materials in his works, to challenge himself and the surroundings; his traveling kit consists of portable amplifiers, speakers and microphones. The Bigger Picture is delighted to present video footage of a unique performance Lemke delivered at Ferens Arts Gallery, Hull, in 1997. Full of intrigue and wit the Feren’s performance shows Lemke’s body kitted up, ready to receive and transmit beautiful and unusual sounds which he creates using his body, movement and house hold materials, from a wash tub and broom, to baking flour!


Films scheduled:

Bob Levene, String Pattern

Bob Levene, Thanks to 1970’s Video Art

Helmut Lemke, dances for a faithful cadger, from original performance at Ferens Gallery, Hull 1997

Bob Levene, String & Motor

The Bigger Picture plays on Big Screen Manchester, Exchange Square, Monday Friday at 9.00am, 12noon, 2.05pm, 5pm and 10.35pm and at various times throughout the weekend. This schedule is subject to change.