On the Big Screen: 15 September – 10 October 2007

A programme featuring the best of Exposures UK Student Film Festival 2006 ahead of this year’s event that will take place Mon 3 – Thu 6 December 2007 (see www.exposuresfilmfestival.co.uk ).

This special selection has been made from the winners and favourites from the 2006 edition of the festival and demonstrates the talent, originality and diversity of the next generation of UK filmmakers.

Films featuring in this months programme are:

Grandma and the Monster (2006) by Debbie Steer. Shot in Super 8mm and joint winner of last years Best of the North West award, it is an exploration of our preconceptions of the elderly and assumed roles in society as well as an experiment challenging modern audiences.

I Have Dodged All the Parking Lots (2006) by Hannah Ellul came first place in last years Experimental category of the festival. The piece is a study of endless traveling through the use of a combination of text, visuals and music.

Chasing Bev (2006), Runner-Up in last years Documentary category by Vanessa Stockley looks at a woman’s growing desire to collect autographs of the rich and famous and how this seemingly meaningless hobby gave her life a sense of purpose and focus.

Zabbadeen: The Rubbish Collectors of Cairo (2006) by Louise Palmer. This film is the true story of one of the ‘Zabbadeen’ who daily search the rubbish pits of Cairo in an attempt to survive. This moving film won the Grand Jury Prize at last years exposures festival as well as first place in the Documentary category.


Our third Big Screen commissions which will be launched as part of the URBAN SCREENS conference in October, together with a special programme of visual arts and film curated for the conference by Susanne Jaschko.


Istanbul Commissions. Further details coming soon.

The Bigger Picture screens on the Big Screen in Exchange Square, Manchester, Monday – Friday, 9.05am 12.05pm , 2.05pm, 5.05pm 10.35pm, and at various times throughout the weekend.